V2/V3 Support is the first Dapp that brings support for advanced trading strategies to both v2 and v3 liquidity providers. Existing Dapps offer limit orders and advanced trading features limited only to v2 pools, losing out on price-competitiveness and artificially limiting the number of possible token pairs to be routed through their systems.

Import and Approve Tokens before listing allows you to import and approve tokens before their initial listing on decentralized exchanges. This means that you can import and approve tokens before you even have a trade in mind, saving you precious time when you need to execute a trade. Additionally you can place a bound order, which will be pending for execution as soon as the token is listed.

Price difference

Advanced Trading is the first decentralized advanced order processor, which allows you to place limit orders (opens in a new tab), bound orders (opens in a new tab), and a combination of both (opens in a new tab).


As the DeFi landscape evolves, remains at the forefront, continuously adapting to the latest advancements. By offering advanced trading features for both v2 and v3 liquidity providers, we future-proof your trading strategies, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Supported Providers

πŸ”³ProviderAMM TypeπŸ”—
βœ…PancakeSwapV2πŸ”— (opens in a new tab)
βœ…PancakeSwapV3πŸ”— (opens in a new tab)
βœ…BiSwapV2πŸ”— (opens in a new tab)
βœ…UniswapV3πŸ”— (opens in a new tab)

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