What is ALAT?

ALAT is a tool provider for decentralized exchange trading. Currently we support a smart-routing aggregator, limit orders and our own proprietary Bound Orders(link to docs), through the AMMs we support. Currently we support most major liquidity providers, and allow for complex order finalization through

How do I use ALAT?

ALAT is used by connecting with a web3 wallet. In order to understand all the tools and functionality we provide. Please refer to the documentation (opens in a new tab) for more in-depth guides.

How does ALAT work?

ALAT works by utilizing a set of smart contracts in order to synchronize orders, synchronize prices and route orders through different liquidity providers.

Is there an ALAT token?

Not currently. A token will never be required to trade or interact with ALAT. Any protocol upgrade in that direction would be discussed with the community well in advance.

Is ALAT Safe?

ALAT is built on an on-chain smart contract based method to ensure security. We undertake the use of the most modern, and most secure practices while building our smart contracts. ALAT never takes custody of your tokens, and only utilizes your tokens during trades. Making sure to instantly return the tokens and not hold them for any given amount of time.

Which chains does ALAT support?

Currently all the ALAT tools are supported on the following chains:

  • Binance Smart Chain(BSC)

Who should I contact for marketing / collab / business proposals?

Please contact us via e-mail, and someone from our team will contact you if we are interested.

###I can't find an answer for my question. Where do I find an answer? If you have questions outside those covered by the ALAT documentation (opens in a new tab). Please ask your question on the official social media platforms.


For more detailed information please refer our documentation (opens in a new tab).