Getting started

Getting Started

To get started with (opens in a new tab), follow these simple steps to unlock the power of decentralized finance.

Ensure you have a Web3 wallet


First, ensure that you have a compatible web browser with a Web3 wallet extension, such as MetaMask, installed and set up. This will allow you to securely interact with the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and access's features.


Browser name

Next, visit the (opens in a new tab) website and connect your wallet to the platform. Once connected, you'll be able to view your wallet balance and available tokens. To begin utilizing's aggregation and swaps, simply select the tokens you wish to exchange and input the desired amounts.

Available Rates

Price difference

You'll instantly see the best available rates across multiple DEXs. For executing limit orders, set your desired price target and other parameters, and let automatically execute the trade when conditions are met.

Advanced Trading

Advanced trading

If you want to explore the advanced world of special bound orders, familiarize yourself with the options available and set up your custom trading strategies. Whether you're a DeFi enthusiast or a newcomer, (opens in a new tab) provides an intuitive user interface and clear instructions to help you navigate the platform and make the most of your financial opportunities.

Get ready to experience the benefits of decentralized finance with (opens in a new tab)!

Security and Decentralization

At (opens in a new tab), we prioritize the security and privacy of our users. Our dApp operates on the blockchain, ensuring that transactions are transparent, immutable, and resistant to censorship. By leveraging decentralized networks, (opens in a new tab) eliminates the need for intermediaries, providing users with full control over their funds and reducing counterparty risks.